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Report of the 25th of June Conference at the Dorchester, London with the theme of 'Moving Towards Peace in Middle East and North Africa' Press Release

At the prestigious venue of the Dorchester Hotel London, Uniting for Peace held a conference on the theme of “Moving Towards Peace in the Middle East and North Africa”. There was a large attendance of more than 140 people of many nationalities including various Middle East embassies in London and supporters of Uniting for Peace.

This significant occasion was sponsored by Mr. Yasser bin Homran, a Middle East peace campaigner who is committed to his personal contribution to create peace in the region and wanted to highlight the deteriorating condition in the region.

Seven distinguished speakers - Vijay Mehta (Chair, Uniting for Peace and Author), Yasser bin Homran (Peace Campaigner from the Middle East), Wajid Shamsul Hasan (Former High Commissioner of Pakistan to UK), Halla Diyab (Syrian Writer, TV Commentator), Irfan Husain (Columnist for Dawn Newspaper and Author) and Rev. Brian Cooper (Churches and Inter-Faith Secretary, Uniting for Peace) highlighted the key problems of the region and raised pointers towards peace. A vibrant Q/A session followed the speakers’ contribution. The event was ably chaired by Rita Payne (President, Commonwealth Journalists Association). The occasion included a networking session and a vibrant open forum in which delegates met the speakers and exchanged views on the issues.

Vijay Mehta's Speech
Halla Diyab's Speech

Brian Cooper's Speech