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Book Reviews

Book Review of The Economics of Killing
by Linda Hartling, Director of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies
September 30, 2012

How Weapons Sales Caused the 2008 Financial Crisis
Commenting on the Occupy Wall St protests recently, the anti-war activist Matthew Good complained that protesters were wasting their time camping in downtown Manhattan [Read more...]
March 2012,

How Western Countries fuel war and poverty in Asia
Today’s world is beset with terrorism, violence, wars and extreme poverty. The top leaders, elites and corporation for their profit and greed have plunged the [Read more...] 
March, 2012

Fellowship of Reconcilliation Reviews Vijay Mehta's Book
Rene' Wedlow of Fellowship of Reconciliation reviews the book and says Vijay Mehta has written a lively overview of the arms sales issue, The Economics of Killing, a useful “campaign tool” especially for those put off by the
July 2012,

United Nations Reform and the New Collective Security reviewed by Vijay Mehta. Vol 3, Issue 1, February 2012 edited by Peter G. Danchin and Horst Fischer

The call for UN reform became evermore urgent after the US and its allies went to war in Iraq without prior UN authorisation.
[Read more...]
1, February 2012

Must Capitalism be Murderous ?
Mike Phipps reviews The Economics of Killing, by Vijay Mehta, published by Pluto, price £14.99 pbk and Capitalism: a structural genocide, by Garry Leech, published by Zed, price £12.99 pbk.
Sunday, 03 June 2012 [Read more...]
June 2012

Infernal Machine: The Economics of Killing
Reviewed by Morning Star
by John Green
May 2012

America's Wars: The Economics of Killing
The Spokesman Book Review
Reviewed by Michael Barratt Brown
May 2012

The Economics of Killing
Reviewed by the South African
April 2012

United Nations Reform and the New Collective Security
Edited by Peter G. Danchin and Horst Fischer
Published by Cambridge University Press, 2010

The Many Faces of Asian Security
Edited by Sheldon W. Simon
Rowman & Littlefield, Oxford, 2001, 272pp., £53.00 (hbk), ISBN 074-251-6644;
£17.95 (pbk), ISBN 074-251-6652.

April 2002

European Security in the Post-Soviet Age: The case against NATO
Written by: Graham Hallett
Publisher: The Ebor Press, York
Price: £8.99
ISBN 978-1-85072-358-5

March 2007

The United Nations and Its Future in the 21st Century
For Medicine, Conflict and Survival (Vol.22 No.1)
Edited by: Vijay Mehta
Publisher: Spokesman, Nottingham, 2005
Price: £10.00,
ISBN 0 85124 707 5


The United Nations and Its Future in the 2ist Century
Edited by Vijay Mehta
The book is reviewed by Diana Schumacher in The Gandhi Way Newsletter of the Gandhi Foundation, Autumn 2005
Publisher: Spokesman, Nottingham, 2005
Price: £10.00,
ISBN 0 85124 707 5

The Saffron Wave
Editor: Thomas Blom Nansen
Publisher: Princeton University Press, Princeton: New Jersey U.S.A
Price: U$ 17.95

War Prevention Works
Editor: Dylan Mathews
Publisher: Oxford Research Group (51 Plantation Road, Oxford, OX 6JE)
Price: £12 plus £3 p&p

Losing Control
Written By: Paul Rogers
Publishers: Pluto Press
Price: £12.99

A People Betrayal
Written by: Linda Melvern
Publishers: ZED Books (7 Cynthia Street, London, NI 9JP)
Price: £15.00

Hungry for Trade
Publisher: ZED BOOKS
Price: £10.99

Beacons of Light
Written by: Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke
Published by: O Books, Winchester, UK
Price: £24.99
Response to the book launch of Beacons of the Light