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4D Goes Global
Uniting for Peace’s 4D Campaign, our current major initiative, has aroused much interest worldwide. There have been very positive responses at events, social media and requests for speakers at
meetings. A momentum has been built up, and is expected to increase during 2012

Suggestions for themes, topics and titles. Please feel free to contact us for a speaker for your next conference, seminar, meeting or an event.

The VM Centre for Peace has far reaching diverse activities covering many areas including international relations, peace, disarmament, UN reforms and the global arms trade from small arms to nuclear weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction. We also cover Human Rights, International Law and, Development and Peace Education. We provide speakers, suggest topics and titles for meetings and conferences- national and international.

The VM Centre provides briefings for the media, press, Members of Parliament (MPs) and MEPs. We also provides resources for students and teachers. VM Centre for Peace works with other organisations to promote its goals and vision for a peaceful world. The main areas are as follows:

Read 'Ways for a Better World' - a collection of ideas, inspirations and timeless wisdom.


Peace, Security and Disarmament

* Small Arms, Global Military Spending and Disarmament
* Nuclear Weapons Proliferation and Weapons of Mass Destruction
* Human Security & Global Security
* Inter-state conflicts and civil wars
* Terrorism

United Nations

* UN Reforms and the Report of the High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change
* Security Council Reforms
* General Assembly Reforms and MUNGA (Model United Nations General Assembly)
* Greater Transparency and Accountability in the UN Process
* Strengthening UN capacity to maintain peace
* International relations and institutional reforms
* Role of civil society

Human Rights

* Reaffirm Importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
* Protection for Basic Freedoms & Civil Liberties
* Truth commissions and political amnesties

International Law

* Rights and Wrongs of Humanitarian Intervention
* The Legality of War & Iraq
* Respect for the Rule of Law
* Enforcement of International Law
* Promotion and understanding of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law

Development, Poverty Reduction and the Environment

* Millennium Development Goals
* Commission for Africa
* Aid, Trade, Debt Relief, Good Governance, Corruption
* Poverty Reduction, Peace and Democracy
* Globalisation and civil society
* Global warming, pollution and sustainable development


* Nurturing a Culture of Peace
* Empowering Civil Society
* Peace Education Packs for Teachers & Students
* Global Citizenship
* Supporting Non-violent solutions to global problems
* Conflict prevention, resolution and post-conflict reconstruction
* Peace making and peace building

International Relations

* International campaign for a better world
* Global Governance
* Power and Accountability
* G8 and the World Agenda
* US, UN, NATO and EU

Suggested Topics & Titles for Speakers

  • Peace, Security and Disarmament

  • The proposed new UN Peacebuilding Commission

  • Militarisation or Peace: What Future for Europe?

  • Which way to Disarmament - A holistic Approach To Peace

  • Present and Emerging Governance Challenges-Governing Security

  • Human Security, Development and Disarmament

  • Civil Society and Disarmament

  • The Danger of Arms Trade in the Global Economy and Building Civil Society

  • Report of the NGO Committee for Disarmament

  • Arms Reduction and Tackling Terror

  • Launch of Action for UN Renewal's 'Arms Reduction Coalition'

  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Dossier for Prep-Com and Review Conference, 2004-05

  • Paths to Peace Amid Global Crises

  • The Proliferation Security Initiative and its Dangers

  • Unite for Peace and Justice - Stop War and Terrorism

  • Towards a World Without Violence

  • How Nuclear Disarmament Activists Saved the World from Nuclear War

  • The Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

  • Delegitimising War: What will it Take?

  • Economic Security and Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

  • Missile Defence and the Weaponisation of Space

  • Do Nuclear Weapons increase our Security? A Discussion on Nuclear Disarmament


United Nations

Reforms of the UN: A Discussions paper on 'Reforms of the UN High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change

United Nations and its Future in the 21st Century

UN Reform: Why? What? How?

New World Order and United Nations

The role of the UN in Promoting Peace and Nuclear Disarmament

Global Governance: An Agenda for the renewal of the United Nations

Global Governance and the Future of the United Nations

Save the United Nations

Introduction to the Cardoso Report - interaction between the United Nations and civil society
The United Nations at the Crossroads of Ideals and Reality

A Discussion Paper on United Nations Reform

The United Nations in the Twenty-First Century: Prospects for Reform

Who Rules? The United Nations: Democratic and Representative?

The UN in Crisis?

The United Nations and the Promotion of Peace.

Human Rights

The UN Human Rights Commission - should it be universalised or should criteria be introduced for its membership?

Report of European Network for Peace and Human Rights Conference

UN Reform in the Humanitarian Sector

Human Rights and Poverty Reduction: Realities, Controversies and Strategies

Human Rights Violations and Grassroots Efforts

Civil Liberties and Basic Freedoms - Why are they in Danger Today? What Can be Done?

International Law

Are Rulers above Law? Can World Tribunals on Iraq establish War Crimes and War Criminals

International War Crimes Tribunal and Legality of Occupation in Iraq

Legal Action: Can it establish the Rule of Law

Whose Responsibility to Protect? Redefining Intervention and State Sovereignty in the 21st Century

Making International Law work for a Sustainable Peace

War Tribunals on Iraq: What do they hope to achieve?

'To Save Succeeding Generations from the Scourge of War':
the Role of the International Court of Justice.

The United Nations: the Embarrassment of International Law.

Development, Poverty Reduction and the Environment

The Millennium Development Goals: the 2005 Agenda

Health and Environmental costs of militarism

Globalisation: Incorporating Environmental and Human Rights

Strategies to Overcome MDG Obstacles

Economic Security and Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Trade Justice - what should the British government be doing to ensure a fair deal for developing countries?

People and the Environment: Achieving Global Sustainability thorough Equitable Practices

Building a constituency for Poverty Reduction

Failed and Fragile States: How can the Millennium Development Goals be achieved in Difficult Environments

Peace Education

Why we Value Gandhi? A Hindu Perspective

Non-violent Intervention

Disarmament Education

Moving War Economy to Peace Economy

Educating and mobilising for a culture of peace

The role of Youth in Peace Education

Peace Education Centres Around the World

Culture of Peace and Non-Violence

Youth engagement in Peacebuilding

Mass Media as a tool for Peace Building - A Civil Society Perspective

Media and Conflict: Independent Media and Committed Journalism

Teaching Peace - How can we make it interactive?

International Relations

Militarisation or Peace: What Future for Europe?

New World Order and United Nations

The European Constitution and the Wider World

Unite for Peace and Justice - Stop War and Terrorism

Crisis in the UN, NATO and the EU.

After Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq- What is the future for the UN?

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