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Uniting for Peace, a leading UK peace organisation, was established in 2010 with the union of World Disarmament Campaign and Action for UN Renewal, two bodies with over sixty years of campaigning and peace education experience. Since 2010, Uniting for Peace has held twenty high-profile events on key global peace issues. The global vision of Uniting for Peace is summed-up in its “4D Charter”: disarmament, demilitarisation, development and democracy.

 Be a Peacemaker.....could help.


 Read more about the campaign here.

  • Mass media work. One of our crucial goals is to increase the visibility of the campaign and the ideas that drive it in the mass media. This includes writing letters to local and national papers raising issues of importance to the campaign and mentioning Uniting for Peace where possible. Local and national radio are also a quick and easy way of spreading the message of peace. LBC (London’s Biggest Conversation) is a prominent example of a talk radio station (97.3 FM, its telephone number is 0845 60 60 973, and the mobile text number is 84850)
  • Electronic & social media work (including Facebook and Twitter). You could start by letting your friends and family know about UFP’s work and the 4D campaign in particular. Please get in touch with us if you have good skills and knowledge of electronic media.

  • Coalition-building and coordination in the peace and progressive movements. We need members and collaborators who can represent our ideas and advance the broad coalition in support of the 4D campaign.

    Write for our newsletter. We publish three issues of Uniting for Peace newsletter/magazine a year. Members and general public are welcome to send their contributions, comments and letters to the editor at Uniting for Peace, 97 Commercial Road London E1 1RD.

     Let us also know about your work or any event you attended or would like us to feature on our website


    Uniting for Peace is funded almost exclusively by its members and supporters. The work of peace depends on your generous help, whether it is through fundraising, donations, or remembering Uniting for Peace in your will. Here are some ideas of how you might be able to help UFP financially:

    Hold a dinner party/coffee morning/lunch and ask for donations for Uniting for Peace.

    Recruit friendly musicians to put on a concert for Uniting for Peace.
    If you win the lottery/premium bonds/inherit a legacy, consider donating a share to Uniting for Peace. You can directly donate Uniting for Peace here.
    Distribute UFP leaflets/catalogues/hold a literature stall at relevant local events.
    Ask your local church/mosque/synagogue/Quaker meeting to hold a collection for Uniting for Peace, and offer to talk to them about our work.

    Please remember Uniting for Peace in your will. Your legacy will be used to:

    • advance the awareness of the 4D for World Peace
    • aid in our mass media work and efforts to change public attitudes
    • support the production of our publications
    • and to attract new members and supporters willing to work for peace and nonviolence.

    Legacies have been essential for the work of Uniting for Peace and its organisational predecessors (World Disarmament Campaign and Action for UN Renewal). By leaving a legacy, you will ensure that the voice of peacemakers continues to be heard.


    Perhaps you can offer help in collecting and presenting important information and ideas related to on-going wars and arms trade in which the UK is involved, the Military-Industrial Complex, peace and nonviolence.

     From time to time, we have research projects which we give to volunteers to complete so please get in touch with us to find out what research projects are available.


    Be the local voice of Uniting for Peace. You can find out about peace related meetings and demonstrations at the Network for Peace Events calendar.


    If you are linked with a local church/mosque/synagogue or other faith community centre, you can help spread the peace message by to trying to get it involved. Uniting for Peace Churches & Inter-Faith Peace Work promotes faith-based peace events, e.g. Christian services and inter-faith events linked to the UN International Peace Day September 21. Please contact Brian Cooper on 0131-446-9545


    We always appreciate your effort to widen the scope of Uniting for Peace membership. You can do this by regularly participating in our events section of our website and joining us in events, bringing friends/colleagues. If you are a member of any organisation, you could distribute our events flyers, newsletters to your members or put it on your organisation website. Please contact info@unitingforpeace.com to request flyers/other materials for event promotions. For every event, we email our members, you could join our mailing list by emailing us and forward our event email to your contacts.

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