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Our Projects:

4D for World Peace:
4D stands for Disarmament, Demilitarisation, Development and Democracy. It is a free forum for critical discussion, developing solutions and implementation of global peace and sustainable priorities for the 21st century. 4D is about creating global frameworks for taking actions on interconnecting global issues of disarming and demilitarising the world and thy saving thus achieved to be deployed for peace building, development and promotion of democracy.

Read the 4D Charter for World Peace and endorse it by sending an email to hur@unitingforpeace.com.

Join us and promote the campaign.

Faiths for Peace:
UfP believes that Interfaith events with Statements, Readings from sacred Scriptures, Prayers and Meditation, Music, etc. from different faith traditions can strongly affirm and witness to peace.

Around the World today many conflicts are partly caused by community and religions divisions, or fuelled by religious intolerance and violent misuse of faith. Such are the antithesis of what true religion should be all about - for all faith traditions uphold the sacredness of life, and if true to their core beliefs should be promoting harmony and peace, for the individual, society and the world.
UN International Day of Peace on September 21, 2011 is an ideal opportunity for faith representatives at the local level to come together to affirm common commitment to building peace and creating a harmonious human community locally and globally.

What you can do?
You can arrange an event in your locality around the UN International Peace Day on September 21, 2011 as the Economic and social infustice, major powers' desire to control natural resources, suppression of popular aspirations, and ethnic and religious tensions, cause many conflicts. Yet Peace with God, the neighbour and globally, is at the heart of all faiths. With UN Peace Day on September 21, the nearest days (Sundays/Fridays/Tuesdays etc.) is ideal opportunity for faith institutions. On that day, dedicate one of your regular sercvices to the theme of world peace, with prayers for peace and reconciliation in the world's conflict areas.
You can get the resources for the Inerfaith Peace Events by sending a cheque of £5 from UK and £8 from abroad in the name of 'Uniting for Peace', 97, Commercial Road, London, E1 1RD, UK.

Education for Peace:

This project includes production and dissemination of educational resources including books, newsletters, documentaries, events and the capacity building of general public to promote a culture of peace