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Past News

Sir Alastair Burnet
It is with regret to note that Sir Alastair Burnet, journalist and broadcaster has passed away on 20th July, 2012. He was a brilliant journalist, Editor of The Economist, presenter of the News At 10 at ITN.

He was very kind to attend my book discussion of The Economics of Killing at Hilton Hotel London on 25th April, 2012. [Read more...]

Pulitzer Price Winning author and peace activist Alice Walker presents a submission to Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board quoting Vijay Mehta's new book 'The Economics of Killing' [Read more...] June, 2012

How Weapons Sales Caused the 2008 Financial Crisis Commenting on the Occupy Wall St protests recently, the anti-war activist Matthew Good complained that protesters were wasting their time camping in downtown Manhattan [Read more...]
14 March 2012

How Western Countries fuel war and poverty in Asia
Today’s world is beset with terrorism, violence, wars and extreme poverty. The top leaders, elites and corporation for their profit and greed have plunged the [Read more...]Reviewed by Hur Hassnain forVijay Mehta's Book The Economics of Killing 

The Birmingham UNA book discussion of The Economics of Killing - 10 July 2012

Vijay Mehta went to Kendal to attend the book launch of Luckshan Abeysuriya's book title 'The UN War Crimes Tribunal in former Yugoslavia' some of the prominent speakers who gave contribution Luckshan Abeysuriya, (Author), John Bateson former Kendal Mayor and chair, Dr Barbra Long Tonge and Vijay Mehta chair Uniting for Peace. Vijay Mehta also wrote the foreward to the Luckshan's book

To read Vijay Mehta's Contribution and Foreword click on the link -
7 July 2012


Ufp Newsletter - June 2012 is now available online click on the link to read it.

Book review: The Economics of Killing
Rene' Wedlow of Fellowship of Reconciliation reviews the book and says Vijay Mehta has written a lively overview of the arms sales issue, The Economics of Killing, a useful “campaign tool” especially for those put off by the
[Read more...] 02 July 2012

Must Capitalism be Murderous ?
Mike Phipps reviews The Economics of Killing, by Vijay Mehta, published by Pluto Press, price £14.99 pbk and Capitalism: a structural genocide, by Garry Leech, published by Zed,

Sunday, 03 June 2012,
Labour Breifing
book review

Morning Star book review of The Economics of Killing Wednesday 16 May 2012 by John Green

The Spokesman
Book Review
May 2012
Issue 116

America's Wars
Vijay Mehta's Book Review by
Michael Barratt Brown

The Economics of Killing: How the West Fuels War and
Poverty in the Developing World

Vijay Mehta gives a radio interview in Hague Netherlands

A visiting peace activists says The Hague should put disarmament back on the political agenda

Listen to radio Interview


Vijay Mehta is travelling to Hague for his book launch at the Dutch Press Centre on Tuesday 10th April, 2012 5:00pm – 7.30pm. Below is his speech

Read the Speech

The Road to Peace
Vijay Mehta gives a lecture on 'UN Reforms and can Demilitarisation can Build a Road to Peace' 23 March 2012

Read Lecture


Vijay Mehta on Colourful Radio
23 January 2012 8 am
Looking at the struggle for peace in the world today. In the interview Vijay covers several areas of conflict trouble in the Middle East particualry Iran, Israel/ Palestine conflict. He also talks about his forthcoming book the Economics of Killing.

Listen to Interview


Speech on 'Christianity and Peace' given by Rev. Brian G Cooper, Churches & Inter-Faith Secretary of Uniting for Peace, at the inter-faith Peace Conference held in Edinburgh on Sunday October 9 2011 by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Edinburgh on the theme 'Love for All, Hatred for None'.
Read the Speech

Discussion on Erskine Childers' Recommendations for renewing and democratising the UN at Hague | Report | Pictures

- War on Iran has already begun Read more

- Pitching Africa, bringing together African Artists, entrepreneurs and leaders with philanthropists and investors - Vijay Mehta's speech.

- Read an interesting article on Arms Sales and Occupy Wall Street Protests by our Chair on Topstoryonline.com

- Some Extracts from a workshop at the pilgrimage to peace event last year by Rev. Brian Cooper - Churches and interfaith secretary, Uniting for Peace

- The Morality of Intervention, R2P and the Role of United Nations - VM's Speech and Photos

- Hanaa Edwar and Peter Becker received Sean MacBride Peace Prize by International Peace Bereau at Potsdam.

- Read Organise the World - Potsdam Report and Photos

- CND Annual Conference, Bradford 15th - 16th October REPORT and PHOTOS

- 'Peace Campaigning in Today's World' on 3rd of October 2011. (Pictures, Video and VM's Speech)

- World Peace Conference Berlin 2011 Report by Hur Hassnain

- Read UFP'S latest Newsletter, Summer 2011

- New Thinking of a Innovative Practice - Articulating the Paradigm of Justice and Sustainability - Click