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17 - 19 January 2013 Human Rights and International Peacekeeping: From Military Intervention toLocal Anti-Violence Efforts    

26 November Karmaveer Puraskar Award Ceremony 2012 Delhi, India

Former President F.W. de Klerk, Renu Mehta - Founder Fortune Forum, Vijay Mehta - Founding Trustee Fortune Forum and George Soros - Philanthropist

Vijay Mehta at 16th November 2012 The Economics of Killing Book Discussion Event, Delhi, India.

October 20, 2012 Money, Power and Peace

4th October 2012 Book Launch Discussion Sussex University

10th September 2012 - Annual Erskine Childers Lecture


Shanti Mehta, Former US President
Bill Clinton
and Vijay Mehta

Nobel laureate Amartya Sen,
Vijay Mehta, Shanti Mehta

Ted Turner, Founder CNN
Vijay Mehta, Shanti Mehta

Shanti Mehta, Vijay Mehta, Author and UN messenger for peace Paulo Coelho,
Singer Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and his wife

Al Gore - Former US Vice President
and Vijay Mehta

Vijay Mehta, Lord M Desai,
Lord Peter Archer, Rev. Brian Cooper

Renu Mehta - Founder of Fortune Forum, Jayantha Dhanapala - Sri Lankan Diplomat, Kshenuka Senewiratne

Vijay Mehta, Lord M Desai,
Lord Peter Archer, Rev. Brian Cooper

Lord Frank Judd, Sir Richard Jolly,
Rita Payne President CJA and Vijay Mehta

Vijay Mehta, Tony Benn Former Cabinet Minister
and Shanti Mehta

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Linda Melvern Author
and Vijay Mehta

Jess Stone Singer and Vijay Mehta

The Marchioness of Worcester,
Vijay Mehta

Renu Mehta, Vijay Mehta, Michael Douglas
- Actor, Crown Prince Pavlos and
Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

Shanti Mehta, Vijay Mehta and Bruce Kent
Vice President CND

Vijay Mehta, Archbishop Desmond Tutu
and Renu Mehta

Vijay Mehta and Hilary Benn
Shadow Leader House of Commons

Jeremy Gilley Found Peace One Day
and Vijay Mehta