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Peace Beyond Borders


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The process of political integration of the EU has eliminated the reasons for conflict, and this model can be exported. How did the world’s most warlike continent become its most peaceful one? Mehta argues that the process of political integration through the European Union has eliminated the reasons for conflict, and that this same model can be exported to Africa, The Americas, Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East and North Africa region, providing a promising glimpse of world peace.

“This book, by an astute non-European observer, uses this unprecedented, extraordinary experience as the centrepiece of a carefully crafted theory on the construction and maintenance of peace and prosperity on a global scale. It is my hope that many non-Europeans will use it as a source of inspiration as they attempt to carve out long-lasting peace in other parts of the world. It is my hope furthermore that the overarching message of Mehta’s book will be heard by Europeans and that they too will use it as an opportunity to reflect on the long-list of unprecedented achievements of this Union they have built, from trust and peace among nations, economic truce and open borders to permanent dialogue and multiculturalism.” – Jose Ramos-Horta, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 1996, Former President of Timor-Liste.


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