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Building on the notable success of the 2014 Spring Conference [see below], Uniting for Peace has an ambitious programme of two major events in October and November. On Thursday 9 October 18.00 at Hilton London Euston, Alfred de Zayas, UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur, will deliver the keynote speech for the Annual Erskine Childers Lecture on: 'The Human Right to Peace: Foundation for a Just International Order'. Among other issues, he will discuss how to achieve a democratic and equitable order, including freedom of speech and gender and racial equality, which benefits and protects the rights of all the
world's citizens including minorities and the marginalised.

Across the world, regional problems intersect with global powers causing dangerous tensions. UfP will address this urgent reality with its Annual Conference at the House of Lords, 25 November 18.00 on: 'Who Rules the World? Flashpoints and Power Rivalries from Europe to Far East'. The distinguished panel will include: UfP Vice-President Lord Frank Judd, a former Minister for International Development, Humphrey Hawksley, BBC Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Guy Arnold, author and North-South Relations specialist, Mary Dejevsky, journalist for

The Independent, Luckshan Abeysuriya, author and International Relations expert, and UfP Chair Vijay Mehta, with Rita Payne, President, Commonwealth Journalists Association, chairing. The meeting will explore East-West power rivalries and flashpoints including China-Japan, Ukraine-Caucasus and globally, with their threats to world peace, and possible solutions. Looking to 2015, UK General Election Year, UfP will as previously produce an 'election pack' resourcing our members and supporters to question candidates and raise issues vital to the Peace Movement. Our 2015 Spring Conference, scheduled for 21 March at Wesley's Chapel, will also have a General Election focus, with party representatives explaining their policies on peace and security issues. Please book these events in your diary! Finally, we invite you to support our campaigning , eg. volunteering to help, organising an event in your area, or by a generous donation. You can help Uniting for Peace advance its endeavours for world peace.

Brian Cooper (Co-ordinator) & Vijay Mehta (Chair)
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Please note new London office: 14, Cavell Street, London E1 2HP

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