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1914-18 Remembered – in Books

This year's 1914 centenary is occasioning many books on the First World War: the following are ecommended. Sean McMeekin's JULY 1914 (Icon £25 ISBN: 9781848315938) chronicles the countdown-to-war manoeuvres of monarchs, civilians leaders and military chiefs plotting and stumbling into mass carnage. Margaret MacMillan's THE WAR THAT ENDED PEACE (Profile £25

ISBN:9781846682728) shows how Europe unwittingly abandoned its seemingly secure century of peace and prosperity, and dreams of perpetual progress, for mass killing and militarism. Eminent historian Sir Max Hastings in CATASTROPHE (Collins £30 ISBN: 9780007398577) contributes a magisterial narrative, especially of France's role and the appalling Eastern Front which destroyed Austria, Serbia and Russia, but controversially declares British involvement necessary to counter German hegemponism. Brendan Simms' EUROPE: THE STRUGGLE FOR SUPREMACY (Allen Lane £30) sees Europe's long-standing fragmentation between rival monarchies and states, and lack of political
cohesion, as root of the nemesis. David Reynolds' THE LONG SHADOW (Simon & Schuster £25 ISBN: 9780857 206350) reveals 1914-18's impact on the 20th century - from memorials, peace movements and diplomats'

struggles for disarmament, to the consequences for democracy, capitalism and European imperialism. Due out July, Douglas Newton's THE DARKEST DAYS: The Truth Behind Britain's Rush to War (Verso) shows "how war-hungry leaders and right-wing press hustled the nation into war" and the radical opposition to it.

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