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Editorial: Prospect 2014

2014 promises to be profoundly challenging for global peace. No end is in view to the conflict and suffering in Syria, and its destabilising effects across the Middle East, whose Arab Spring has widely deteriorated into bleak winter. Israel's hardline policies render progress to a just resolution of its conflict with Palestine most unlikely. Read full editoral

The Real Agenda: Syria, Mali, DRC

"The Real Agenda: Syria, Mali, DRC - Terrorism or Resource Wars?" was the urgent theme of UfP 2013 Annual Conference at the House of Lords on 7 November 2013 with some eighty present, under co-chairmanship of Lord (Frank) Judd, UfP Vice- President and a former Minister of International Development. Read full article

The Bomb and Bombing: Dangerous Illusions

Eric Schlosser's COMMAND AND CONTROL [Allen Lane 25 ISBN: 978:1846:41485], a highly original study of US nuclear weapons in the Cold War disturbingly chronicling accidents and near-misses, poses the fundamental unresolved question: how to deploy WMDs without being ultimately destroyed by them? Read full article

September 2013: Peace Days - Labour Conference

September 2013 saw UfP both promote the Peace Days (UN Peace Day Sept. 21 & churches' Peacemaking Sunday Sept.22), and with Labour Action for Peace present the Peace Stall at Labour Party Conference (Brighton Sept. 22-5).
Read full article

Race, Faith and World Peace : London Conference

These were the themes of the December 4 2013 conference at Hilton London Euston, "to explore a multi-faith vision of peace", UfP chair Vijay Mehta told the sixty attenders. Read full article

2013 Edinburgh Inter-Faith Peace Event

UfP's 10th Edinburgh summer Inter-Faith Peace Event (June 27 2013) on Reflection and Action for Peace', with Baha'i, Brahma Kumaris, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Theosophical, Quaker, Unification and Unitarian representatives, was
deemed 'vitally important' by UfP Churches & Inter-Faith Secretary Rev. Brian Cooper:"It shows different faiths can come together to affirm peace and challenge faith communities to be more involved in peace issues."
Read full article

1914-18 Remembered - in Books

This year's 1914 centenary is occasioning many books on the First World War: the following are recommended. Sean McMeekin's JULY 1914 (Icon £25 ISBN: 9781848315938) chronicles the countdown-to-war manoeuvres of monarchs,
civilians leaders and military chiefs plotting and stumbling into mass carnage.
Read full article

Peace Activist Visit India

Uniting for Peace Chair, Vijay Mehta, visited Jaipur, ‘The Pink City,’ to address a conference on “Towards a Nonviolent Future – Some Realistic Models for Peaceful Co-Existence” (5 – 8 January) convened by Anuvrat Global Organisation and Jain Vishva Bharati University. The opening ceremony of the event was performed by Governor of Uttar Pradesh, B L Joshi. Read full article

Uniting for Peace Churches and Inter-Faith Work for Peace

Edinburgh New Year Event presents Range of Faith Perspectives on Peace
Sharing faith perspectives on peace-building was the agenda for the 7 January 2014 inter-faith peace event in central Edinburgh at the Annandale Street Mosque, co-organised by UfP Churches & Inter-Faith Work and the Mosque authorities. Read full article