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Middle East Conflicts, Impact on Europe and Prospects for World Peace - Leamington Spa - 21 May 2016

On Saturday 21 May, 2016, Warwick District UN Association invited Uniting for Peace Chair Vijay Mehta to speak on Middle East Conflicts, Impact on Europe and Prospects for World Peace at Leamington Baptists Church in Leamington Spa. It was a luncheon meeting from 12:00pm – 2:00pm. It started with a refreshments and lunch for all the delegates attending the meeting.

Gian Clare outlined the work of Warwick UNA after which he gave a brief introduction to Vijay Mehta who followed it with his lecture. Vijay spoke for 40 minutes after which there was a Q/A session which lasted another hour. The Q/A session included conflicts in Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the root causes of conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Israel-Palestine. It followed by suggested solutions to the long going conflicts in the MENA region.

Vijay Mehta introduced his new book, Peace Beyond Borders in the meeting and distributed the promotional flyer for the book, also the latest Uniting for Peace newsletter and also Europe for Peace Campaign flyers. It was a great networking opportunity with enthusiastic peace activists.  

Click here to read Vijay Mehta’s speech