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Our very own Frank Jackson celebrated his 90th Birthday at Harlow Museum on Saturday 14th July

Our very own Frank Jackson celebrated his 90th Birthday at Harlow Museum on Saturday 14th July - in fact his 90th birthday was the previous day, Friday 13th July.

Here is a group photo taken in the Walled Gardens of Harlow Museum - During the celebrations Frank provided newspaper and magazine articles going over several decades showing various facets of his illustrious career - included amongst these articles were copies of letters he had published in newspapers over the years. These were all pinned to the wall forming a sort of ‘exhibition’ which one could wander round and look at.

Frank also showed a hitherto unseen side of hi character, that of the ‘Music Hall Comedy Singer’ and he sang a couple of comic songs for us - he also cut the first slice of a special 90th Birthday Cake which was made for him. I was kindly offered the opportunity to recite my “Ode To Frank Jackson” which had been composed in the classic ‘haiku’ declamatory style. Many members of generations of his family were there to share the joy together with many of his friends and colleagues, including a few folk who had only recently met him.

I had a lovely time, enjoying Frank’s good humour and learning much about his life that I didn’t know before. It was also great to talk to several members of his family whilst we enjoyed a spread of refreshments laid out for one and all. I took many photographs, which have all been sent to his son, Julian, who is going to produce an on-line resource by means of which others will be able to see them all too. I have selected just one to show you here, which is one of my favourites and I hope you like. It was lovely to see Frank so happy and well in such good company - we all had a wonderful time together.

by Bernie Holland, UfP Committee Member