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Vijay Mehta Chair Action for UN Renewal and Renu Mehta Founder of Fortune Forum attended the meeting at 10 Downing Street in Honour of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Wednesday 15 July 2009

tutu and vijay

The speakers at 10 Downing Street included our host Sarah Brown, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Anne Aslett of the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Dillon Woods of the Donald Woods Foundation (DWF) who each explained why they support the comprehensive services provided by DWF, all created with shared ownership by the residents in the Mbashe area of South Africa’s Eastern Cape. Renu shared with them her experience and work she has accomplished in her charitable organisation, Fortune Forum.  
Afterwards at a dinner hosted by Barbara Follett, UK Minister of Culture, Creative Industries and Tourism we continued our dialogue on how to mobilize resources on behalf of true and lasting positive change.  

I had a chat with Desmond Tutu and told him that I am going to Belfast to speak at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Britain and Ireland (TRCBI). He suggested to me to see the BBC documentary called ‘Facing the Truth’ which is also on the same theme. He also praised what we are doing and said ‘it is our duty to help people trapped in evil regimes to free them from oppression.’

While talking about his experiences in South Africa, Tutu said ‘that words are often worth more than money’. You would have thought that most of the people who came to Truth and Reconciliation Commission were hoping for material gains. It was nothing of the sort — people wanted to tell their story. A young guy who had been involved in police action which left him blind came to the Commission and told his story and when he had finished he was still blind but a broad smile broke over his face and he said, ‘You have given me back my eyes’.
We had a great opportunity of hearing first-hand the latest situation in South Africa and many other anecdotes from one of the most famous advocate for peace, truth and reconciliation. 
15 July 2009


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Jerry Dunfey and Wendy Woods

Barbar Follett and Vijay Mehta

Anne Aslett and Desmond-Tutu

Sarah Brown and Nadine Hack