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How Not To Go To War

War has been institutionalised. Giant military industries, formed from thousands of companies and employers, ensure that every old generation of war profiteers is replaced by a new one. Admirals, generals and senior defence officials demand that trillions of dollars are funnelled every year into the coffers of arms companies.

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Vijay Mehta

Co-founder, Uniting for Peace

Vijay Mehta, a renowned author and global activist for peace, development and human rights, is Co-Founder and Chair of Uniting for Peace. He is a Founding Trustee of Fortune Forum charity which was founded by his daughter Renu Mehta. It hosted summits in which speakers included Former President Clinton, Al Gore and Michael Douglas which attracted a worldwide audience of 1.3 billion people. Vijay’s books include The Fortune Forum Code: For a Sustainable Future (2006), Arms No More (2005) and The United Nations and its Future in the 21st Century (2005).

Vijay’s latest book “The Economics of Killing: How the West Fuels War and Poverty in the Developing World” is published by Pluto Press in 2012. It describes how the Military Industrial Complex works, its links with global financial crisis and the role of Western governments play in
perpetuating conflicts.

Vijay Mehta

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An international NGO working for creating and promoting a global culture of peace, disarmament and sustainable development.

Uniting for Peace was established in April 2011 to promote Peace, Security and Disarmament, United Nations Human Rights, International Law, Development and Poverty Reduction. Its approach to solving global threats and challenges is a holistic one. We advocate that hard and soft challenges facing the world today have to be dealt with the same urgency. It will be futile to be only spending most of our resources and time to fight terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), if 30,000 children per day are dying of poverty and malnourishment whilst 7,000 people die daily of HIV aids.

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Everything Uniting for Peace does, every person whose life is improved or saved, stems from an act of generosity that’s purely voluntary. You don’t have to donate. That’s why it’s so extraordinary when you do.