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Rev Brian Cooper

After taking part in peace events while at Oxford [notably against Suez 1956], I developed my peace commitment while at Coventry in 1960s, as Assistant Secretary of its Committee for International Understanding, helping build twinning links “across the East-West divide” with cities in Communist Eastern Europe. The city and Coventry Cathedral close link with Dresden, was deeply meaningful: I led several groups to the East German city so ravaged in World War Two. Mid-1970s-1990 I was much involved with Prague-based worldwide Christian Peace Conference: as a Baptist minister [1982] I made “preaching peace” tours across USSR, joined CPC delegations to Hiroshima and Asian Peace Conferences in India and Sri Lanka, was Chair of British CPC, and wrote extensively on these issues for the UK religious press.

I also supported World Disarmament Campaign], representing it at UN NGO Disarmament Committee in Geneva, and on delegations to EU and NATO. As Churches’ Secretary, I arranged the Annual Weekend of Services and Vigils for Peace & Disarmament with peace services at churches around UK, and spoke on peace at churches and inter-faith occasions. Becoming disabled with limited mobility [1999] diminished my activities. After moving from London to Edinburgh, I continued supporting WDC [and then Uniting for Peace], speaking at events, writing for its journal and in Edinburgh holding a series of inter-faith peace events [2002 until pandemic]. It is a honour to be a UfP Vice-President. I strongly believe the current tragedy in Ukraine makes peace-building and disarmament more urgent than ever.
Rev. Brian Cooper




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