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Catharina van Staveren

Catharina studied Leisure management; focused on Event Management at Stenden University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts. Catharina worked as a Communications Manager at the Superclubs where she has worked with many TV stations, journalists, top officials, mayors, clergymen, chairs and celebrities coming from all of the world. Also she worked for diverse governmental organizations, museums in tourism and hospitality. She has worked with donors and raised funds for many causes and volunteers for the empowerment of women, for refugees and for the homeless people.

Catharina is Activity Coordinator for the United Nations Association (UNA NL) and also works for the Energy Academy Europe in the Netherlands as Communications Officer. She is Executive Committee member for ‘Uniting for Peace’. Also as an Ambassador for ‘Uniting for Peace’ she advocates for human rights and global peace.

Catharina wrote several articles about peace and human rights. Publications in Global Education Magazine (G.E.M.) are:
“How Human Legacy is UNITED in My Heart”, in “Global Education Magazine”, pp. 124-5, published January 30, 2013, by Global Education Magazine ~ Director, Javier Collado Ruano. Global Education Magazine: School Day of Non-violence and Peace (January 30th, 2013)

“Glimmer of Hope; Our Collective Evolution to The State Of Everlasting World Peace” in “Global Education Magazine”, pp. 90, published January 8 March, 2014, by Global Education Magazine ~ Director, Javier Collado

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