Short Bio

Vijay Mehta is an author of several books, Chair of Uniting for Peace, President of Mehta Centre and Founding Trustee of Fortune Forum Charity. The Sunday Times described him as a ‘longstanding activist for peace, development, human rights and the environment’, who along with his daughter, Renu Mehta, has set a precedent for striving to change the world. (The Sunday Times, 1 February 2009). Vijay Mehta’s new book “The Economics of Killing: How the West Fuels Wars and Poverty in the Developing World” will be published by Pluto Press in spring 2012.

Vijay Mehta selected for a Peace Award in 2012 by iCONGO (Indian Confederation of NGO’s) as the Global Indian Karmaveer Purskaar. It is an award for luminaries working for peace and justice. He is now a noble laureate 2012 – 2013 of the iCONGO team of advisors and mentor.

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