Who we are

About Uniting for Peace and Mission Statement

Uniting for Peace was established in April 2011 to promote Peace, Security and Disarmament, United Nations Human Rights, International Law, Development and Poverty Reduction. Its approach to solving global threats and challenges is a holistic one. We advocate that hard and soft challenges facing the world today have to be dealt with the same urgency. It will be futile to be only spending most of our resources and time to fight terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), if 30,000 children per day are dying of poverty and malnourishment whilst 7,000 people die daily of HIV aids.

The organisation advocates governments and the international community to have a holistic approach to solve the problems of poverty reduction, sustainable development, environmental protection and end to pandemic diseases to go hand in hand, along with a vigorous drive to combat terrorism and WMDs.

Uniting for Peace works with others for the principle goal of advancing peace in the world. It recognises that central to this goal, the scourge of war and armed conflict must be tackled. Furthermore, it recognises the interdependence of the world and thus attaining peace requires building bridges and promoting dialogue and peace education. Moreover economic growth, poverty reduction lifting the trade and other barriers, sustainable development, the respect for human rights and democratic institutions all play a role in the ultimate goal of lasting peace.

Most of all, it will require leadership at the domestic and international levels to act early, decisively and collectively against all these threats – from HIV/AIDS to nuclear terrorism – before they have their most devastating effect.

How We Do This:

– By hosting Conferences/Lectures/Talks
– Through Training and Capacity Building of General Public and NGOs
– Through organising Fundraising activities
– Publications/Newsletters/Brochures etc.
– Lobbying and Campaigning for Peace

Our Projects 

a. 4D for World Peace: 4D stands for Disarmament, Demilitarisation, Development and Democracy. It is a free forum for critical discussion, developing solutions and implementation of global peace and sustainable priorities for the 21st century.

b. Faiths for Peace: UfP believes that Interfaith events with Statements, Readings from sacred Scriptures, Prayers and Meditation, Music, etc. from different faith traditions can strongly affirm and witness to peace.

c. Education for Peace: This project includes production and dissemination of educational resources including books, newsletters, documentaries, events and the capacity building of general  public to promote a culture of peace

Our Goals

• To encourage and support local and international efforts to foster lasting peace in conflict zones worldwide.
• To inform decision makers, opinion leaders, the public and institutions on the productive role and impact of nonviolent alternative solutions to wars.
• To identify potential pathways to make this world a better place by overcoming conflict, hatred and despair.
• To deploy practical tools and resources to educate the public for general and complete disarmament and demilitarisation.
• To promote wider knowledge and understanding of the United Nations Charter and the need for UN reform, for making it a more effective, strong and democratic organisation.
Uniting for Peace has been endorsed by Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, renowned peace activists, prominent academics, government ministers and members of parliament.

What we stand for

• International Peace and Security.
• General and complete disarmament (nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction and conventional weapons).
• A strong, credible and effective United Nations.
• Respect for Human Rights.
• Economic and Social Justice.
• Rule of Law.
• Poverty reduction and development.
• Demilitarisation and abolition of war.
• Peace education.

Donate to Uniting for Peace

Everything Uniting for Peace does, every person whose life is improved or saved, stems from an act of generosity that’s purely voluntary. You don’t have to donate. That’s why it’s so extraordinary when you do.