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Large gethering of students from different parts of Netherland gathered at Institutio Cervantes Utrecht to attend Vijay Mehta’s book discussion ‘The Economics of Killing’.

The event started by showing the film ‘Change the World’ followed by introdcution to the meeting by Ronnie Hossain and Marjolijin Snippe who introduced Vijay Mehta to the audience.

The author of the book Vijay Mehta took 20 minutes to bring the high lights of the book ‘The Economics of Killing’ to the audience. That was followed by comments on the book by Jan Pronk Former International Minister and a student respondent from Dutch United Nations Association. A vibrant Q/A session followed the talks.

The event was a great success and was ably organised by Noura Akdi and the team of SIB. We owe a debt of gratitude to Dutch World Federalists (WFBN) by whose co-operation the event became a success.

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