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A New Momentum for Peace – No Syria Intervention – What Next?

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Date: Saturday, 29 March 2014 Time:
10.30 am - 4.30 pm
Venue: Wesley’s Chapel, 49 City Road, London, EC1Y 1AU Speakers: Vijay Mehta and others

A New Momentum for Peace – No Syria Intervention – What Next?

A New Momentum for Peace – No Syria Intervention – What Next?

UK’s Ethical Foreign Policy – After No War on Syria can soft power prevail ?

3 years of civil war, with over 120,000 lives lost and over 2 million refugees dispersed in adjacent countries, often in appalling conditions, have made Syria the world’s most critical conflict and
worst humanitarian disaster. Positively, the UN-backed Russia-US deal to abolish Syria’s chemical weapons is going ahead; negatively, getting all relevant parties to the Geneva peace conference is
hugely difficult – and inviting Al-Qaeda linked groups would be hugely controversial. Syria represents a huge failure of the international community.

Fortunately, the UK Parliament refused to pour oil on the flames with military action, a vote which certainly averted potentially disastrous US and European intervention. Parliament’s rejection of
military action must not be a ‘one off’, but rather – along with UK military withdrawal from Afghanistan – the historic opportunity to launch a new UK foreign policy based on diplomacy, international aid and ‘soft power’, it would focus on UN & other global institutions, and consign military adventures to the past.

A distinguished panel will explore what this could mean, showing how conflicts can be solved with dialogue, diplomacy and conflict resolution, and how permanent peace can be nurtured through
development, disarmament, justice and confidence-building measures. COME and JOIN US for the debate!

Chaired by: Rita Payne, President Commonwealth Journalists Association
Tim Llewellyn, Former BBC Middle East Correspondent and Author
Baria Alamuddin, Foreign Editor, Al Hayat
Dilip Hiro, Author, Journalist, Commentator and Middle East Expert
Aidan Hehir, Director of the Security and International Relations, University of Westminster
Cilina Nasser, Syria Researcher for Amnesty International
Vijay Mehta, Chair Uniting for Peace