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A book discussion event on Vijay Mehta’s latest book

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 05 March 2013 Time:
18:00 – 20:00
Venue: University of Warwick, Faculty of Social Science, Main Academic Block, Warwick Campus, Gibbet Hill Rd Coventry, CV4 7AL Speakers: Vijay Mehta and others

A book discussion event on Vijay Mehta’s latest book

We live in a rich world and yet increasingly people are getting caught in the poverty trap and facing real hardship and pain. We know how to solve these problems by disarmament and demilitarisation and putting human and financial resources, into dealing with the real enemies of humanity poverty, unemployment, environmental crisis, etc., Vijay Mehta’s excellent book sets out the problems and solutions, and challenges us all, to create the political will to implement policies which will bring about real change and give hope to humanity.” – Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1976

“The book of Vijay Mehta is extremely timely and provides –what is extremely important and must be underlined- not only excellent diagnosis but also appropriate treatments. And the first is to reduce the power of the military industrial complex.” – Federico Zaragoza, Former Director-General UNESCO, President, Foundation Culture of Peace, Madrid, Spain

“It is about time someone exposed the nefarious activities of the military-industrial complex that is destroying the foundations of civilized human existence. It has made killing a profitable industry. This book is a must read for all peace-seekers.” – Arun Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, President, Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, Rochester, USA

“The book, “The Economics of Killing: How the West Fuels War and Poverty in the Developing World” by Vijay Mehta depicts ways in which the western powers can restructure their economies away from the reliance on the military industrial complex towards making the 21st century an era of soft power for a more peaceful and sustainable future.” – Deepak Chopra, Best-selling Author, “Peace is the Way”. California, USA

“THE ECONOMICS OF KILLING brilliantly links the deepening economic crisis facing the West with the dynamics of militarism that is wreaking havoc on the planet, and thus destroying the prospects for a peaceful and just world and hastening the implosion of the United States. Everyone who cares about the future must read this groundbreaking book, and take action before it is too late.” – Richard Falk, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights for the Palestinian Territories

“Vijay Mehta’s book shines a timely light on the role that Western Governments play in perpetuating conflict around the world. It is particularly welcome in that it does not just identify and detail the problem – it puts forward an alternative, and one which anyone genuinely committed to peace, justice and equality cannot afford to ignore.” – Caroline Lucas, MP and Leader, Green Party, UK