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A Climate of Peace 

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 23 November 2010 Time:
All day
Venue: International Peace Bureau Conference in Oslo, Norway Speakers: Vijay Mehta and others

A Climate of Peace 

IPB is organising a major international peace conference in Oslo from Sept 23.-26. The details of the event can be found in a 2 page newsletter with highlights of the conference plans. You can read about speakers, the MacBride Prize, and the youth programme, as well as registration, venues, accommodation options, local travel etc. The Secretariat requests all member organisations and partners to include this information on their websites, newsletters, calendars etc.

Vijay Mehta and Shanti Mehta, long time supporters and members of IPB will be attending the conference

The event is organised by International Peace Bureau

For further details, please email: Colin Archer (Secretary General of IPB) –