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Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, 05 September 2007 Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
All day
Venue: United Nations Headquarters Speakers: Vijay Mehta

Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All

Vijay Mehta will be speaking on the following two workshops:

Beyond Kyoto: Working Together to Preserve the Planet

This workshop will address the need to confront the challenges of climate change by mitigation, adaptation and global cooperation. It will consider how new political momentum can be created through greater public awareness of the urgency of the issues. It will discuss in some detail how governments, the private sector, large NGOs and civil society at large all have a vital part to play.

And it will show the essential role of the United Nations system in coordinating efforts, disseminating reliable information, and providing a framework for the negotiation, securing and effective monitoring of new global agreements.

Military Wars and the Environment

This workshop deals with the fact that the military is the biggest polluter to the environment in the form of remnants of war (land mines, cluster bombs, air-dropped bombs, artillery shells, grenades, mortar, rockets). They contaminate a wide area, are the cause of civilian deaths and injuries and create fear and trauma for the safety of civilians. Furthermore, the effects of biological and chemical warfare against the environment in the form of radiation, toxicity and air pollution are well known. It will also discuss the new protocol to the UN convention governing explosive remnants of war. It will look at civil society and NGO initiatives to have a total ban on weapons as they have lasting health and environmental ramifications.