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Inquiry on the Iraq War: Who is Accountable?

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 18 August 2009 Time:
6.30 – 8.30 pm
Venue: Friends House, Euston Road, London Speakers: Vijay Mehta and others

Inquiry on the Iraq War: Who is Accountable?

Action for UN Renewal and
World Disarmament Campaign

Invites you to an open discussion on

Inquiry on the Iraq War: Who is Accountable?

Chair – Rita Payne Chair Commonwealth Journalists Association

General Sir Hugh Beach Why the UK went to war in Iraq in 2003?

Robert Fox Role of Media in Iraq War
Defence correspondent Evening Standard

Nick Grief Legality and Conduct of Iraq War
Prof. International Law, Bournemouth University

Nicholas Jones Hidden Agendas in the Buildup to the Iraq War
Former BBC Political Correspondent and Author

Vijay Mehta UN and Iraq War
Chair, Action for UN Renewal

With the announcement by the UK government to hold an inquiry on the war on Iraq, it would be timely to have a public meeting in which we can explore the, issues of:

  • For what reasons did the UK go to war?
  • The legality and conduct of war without a UN mandate to go to war
  • How does the government justify spending over £7 billion on the war to date when pensioners and hospitals in Britain are in need of funds?
  • What is the effect on people’s trust in democracy and willingness to participate in the democratic process when the government ignores the voices of two million people who demonstrated to express their opposition to the war as well as the wishes of the majority of British people?
  • How many civilian casualties and military casualties – on both sides – have been lost as a direct result of the war in Iraq and use of Depleted Uranium ?
  • What reparations will Britain make to the people of Iraq?
  • What principles can we follow that future disputes can be settled peacefully without recourse to violence?

For registration and further information please contact:
Vijay Mehta ( 0207 377 2111)

Public meeting free. Donations welcome.
Please make cheques payable to ‘Action for UN Renewal.’ And post it to Treasurer,
97 Commercial Road, London E1 1RD