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Seeking realistic models for a peaceful coexistence and sustainability

Event Details

Date: Sunday, 05 January 2014 Time:
All day
Venue: AnuvibhaJaipur Kendra, Opp. GauravTower, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, India Speakers: Vijay Mehta and others

Seeking realistic models for a peaceful coexistence and sustainability

Theme of the 8th ICPNA will be TOWARDS A NONVIOLENT FUTURE : SEEKING REALISTIC MODELS FOR PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE AND SUSTAINABILITY. In the preceding conferences the emphasis was on the problems that we face and their solutions but 8th ICPNA will be a conference with a difference. Against the backdrop of global warming, climate change and the looming threat of ecological disaster we inevitably think of the future. If the limited resources on the planet earth continue to deplete, our survival into the third millennium will be in peril. In order to ensure the advent of a nonviolent future, we have to mind our current lifestyle. A nonviolent future depends on our ability to restrain consumption and improve our relationships with other living beings – be they humans or non-humans. The main aim of 8th ICPNA is to evolve strategies for an environmentally sustainable society and peaceful coexistence. It is verily a pathway to a nonviolent future. It is for the first time that we are going to discuss the blueprints for a nonviolent future. It may be possible only if we switch over to a nonviolent lifestyle today. Come and share your vision with us.


Distinguished speakers will analyse these issues and explore how a more peaceful, equitable and safer
world can be achieved by policies based on nonviolence and culture of peace:
1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama [TBC] 2. MohammadHamid Ansari, Vice President of India [TBC] 3. S. L. Gandhi, International President, Anuvrat Global Organization
4. Vijay Mehta, Chair, Uniting for Peace (UK)
Other distinguished speakers to be confirmed soon


1. Nonviolence, Perception, Practice and Concept
2. Is Nonviolent Future Possible?
3. Models of Peaceful Co-existence
4. Training Children in a Culture of Ahimsa : Balodaya Model of Education
5. Interfaith Insights for a Nonviolent Future
6. Culture of Nonviolence, Shared Cultures and Universal Culture
7. Environmental and Ecological Crisis vis-à-vis Human Behaviour
8. Anuvrat as an Instrument of Change for a Better World
9. The Role of Youths in Creating a Peaceful World
10. Our Future Attitude within Nature and with Life
11. Possibilities of a Weaponless World