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The media can request TV and print interviews and article contributions with our experts. Organisations can book event speakers for keynote speeches and panel discussions with Q&A participation. For enquirers, contact: or

If you would like to invite Vijay Mehta for any interview, event or conferences, or media enquiries please get in touch to the email addresses below:


Vijay Mehta is available to give his views on:

– Tackling Terrorism – Exploring Soft Power for the New Collective Security
– Reforming the United Nations in the 21st Century Geopolitics – Global Challenges, Threats and Prospects for Peace
– Peacebuilding in an Unstable World – Dismantling Nuclear Weapons
– Peace History – Lessons from the Past and Hopes for the Future
– How the West Fuels War, Poverty and Inequality in the Developing and Developed World – Tackling Rich-Poor Divide and Warmongering
– Uniting Race, Faith and Culture for Peace
– Global Priorities – War or Peace
– Establishing Departments for Peace and Peace Centres – Why Every Country Should Have One
– Militarisation of Society, Culture and Government – Can Timely Actions Restore Culture of Peace and Non-Violence?
– Creating the Future We Want – A World Free from War, Inequality and Culture of Hate and Division