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On 13th of February Vijay Mehta along with Shanti (Vijay’s wife) went to Newcastle-Under-Lyme school, North Staffordshire UNA Youth for a book discussion event. It was heartneing to note so many youth, students, parents and teachers in the audience.

Vicky from UNA Youth introduced the event to the audience and reminded them that she had heard the talk of Vijay at Concorde College event hosted by UNA Shropshire. She was so inspired that she requested Vijay to come and give a talk to our school at Newcastle-Under-Lyme School.

Barry from UNA Shropshire introduced Vijay to the audience and said that Vijay had written an inscription to the book The Economics of Killing when he signed his copy of the book. In the inscription Vijay explored the solution to the Middle East conflict and said that to solve the issue all parties to the conflict Israeli’s – Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and others need to sit on the table and hammer out a solution by dialogue and diplomacy of this long festering Middle East conflict.

Laurie Marrable, who organised the excellent event started the film ‘Change the World’ . That was followed by talk by Vijay which followed by a vibrant Q&A session.

In the Q&A students asked questions which included the Syria conflict and the usefulness of the UN, spying – surveillance operations, non-violence and culture of peace and much more. The event finished at 6 pm. Uniting for Peace literature including the latest newsletter and other material was distributed to all. A well organised event and a great networking opportunity for the future leaders of the world.

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