Over 100 students attended a book launch discussion of Vijay Mehta’s book The Economics of Killing

Vijay Mehta’s latest article appeared in Ceasefire Magazine on 12th of September titled: Analysis | A dictator’s best

Peacekeeping: Acting as a Good Tailor When the Need Arises Presented by: Jan Pronk London, 10th

The Canadian National Newspaper reported on Erskine Childers Lecture 2012 held in Hilton Hotel London and

Vijay Mehta proposes a shift from war economy to green economy In 1973 the Nobel laureate

On the 67th anniversay of Hiroshima (6th of August 1945) the dropping of the first atomic

It is with regret to note that Sir Alastair Burnet, journalist and broadcaster has passed away

Vijay Mehta went to Kendal to attend the book launch of Luckshan Abeysuriya’s book title ‘The UN

Pulitzer Price Winning author and peace activist Alice Walker presents a submission to Canadian Pension Plan Investment

Sunday, 03 June 2012 09:46 Mike Phipps reviews The Economics of Killing, by Vijay Mehta, published

A visiting peace activists says The Hague should put disarmament back on the political agenda.

Vijay Mehta’s book review on The Economics of Killing appeared in the Spectrezine haunting Europe on