Uniting for Peace Annual Conference “World Religions for Peace” at Wesley’s Chapel on 25 November 2017.

Around 50 people had gathered at an event in Resource for London Centre in Holloway Road

Organised by Ahmadiyya Muslim Association – Edinburgh & Fife, Saturday 12 November 2016 Friends: I am

To read Vijay Mehta’s speech, click here. Vijay Mehta, Chair of Uniting for Peace gave the

To read Vijay Mehta’s speech, click here. Uniting for Peace hosted a UN Symposium on “Can

21 September – Oldham Inaugural Peace Day Lecture – Keynote Speaker Vijay Mehta “PEACE IS POSSIBLE:

Editor – David P. Barash Publisher – Oxford University Press, New York (4th Edition, July 2017)

U N I T I N G for PEACE — Scotland Programme Annual Inter-Faith Occasion for

On a recent visit to Timor Leste, Renu Mehta, Founder of Fortune Forum Charity, went to

Uniting for Peace hosted a well attended Spring Conference on ‘Global Terrorism – The Peace Movement

To read Rev. Brian Cooper’s speech, click here. Organised jointly by Uniting for Peace [Scotland Programme,