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Uniting for Peace Chair, Vijay Mehta is visiting India to address an international peace conference to be held at the colourful Pink City of Jaipur, India on 5th – 8th January 2014. The conference is organised by Anuvrat Global Organization (ANUVIBHA), India and Jain Vishva Bharati University. The title of the conference is, “Towards a Nonviolent Future – Seeking Realistic Models for a Peaceful Co-Existence.” The conference will include 11 sessions over 3 days on the themes of nonviolence, co-existence and peace-building which will be explored by distinguished speakers from around the world.

Vijay Mehta will be speaking in two different sessions. His two lectures are below:

200 delegates from 28 different countries have registered for the conference. Eminent personalities including His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Mohammad Hamid Ansari (the Vice President of India) are expected to attend and grace the occasion.