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On 20th September, a beautiful warm day, Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre and Uniting for Peace co-organised an event at Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh. The title of the meeting was “Britain and Brexit: Impact on World Peace.” The meeting was opened by the Chair, Arthur Chapman.

There were five speakers. The first speaker was Vijay Mehta, who spoke about his recently published book, “Peace Beyond Borders” and highlighted the key themes of the book. He made a survey of the ways in which the European Union has been helping preserve the peace both in Europe and the wider world. The second speaker was Rob Perkins who spoke about European Union and the Arms Trade nothing that Europe is the second biggest military spender in the world and proposed that EU should not subsidise military research. Brian Larkin made supplementary comments on Rob Perkins talk and told the audience about the EU’s new proposal of the formation of the European Army. Thomas Daffern responded to Vijay Mehta’s book “Peace Beyond Borders” and also about his project about European Union Mediation Service which would bring lasting solutions to the ongoing conflicts in Europe and around the world. Brian Cooper spoke movingly about the history of the moves towards European Integration in the wake of the disaster that was World War II and the enormous suffering and violence that has been unleashed on European soil.

There were around 50 people present in the audience including lots of students of International Relations. The presentations were followed by vibrant Q/A session. The meeting finished at 21:00pm. It was a fascinating audience who came out to support the book launch and the arms trade. It was a fitting occasion to the International Day of Peace which was on the 21st September. A great networking event.