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To read Vijay Mehta’s speech on terrorism, click here.
To read Vijay Mehta’s speech on businesses and peace, click here.

Women Economic Forum hosted a conference on “EU-Reinventing Itself – Women Empowering Inclusive Engagement” in The Hague, Netherlands. Over 200 delegates and speakers from 20 countries participated in over 50 sessions on empowerment of women.

Vijay Mehta presented two sessions at The Hague conference. One on global terrorism and one is on inspiring businesses for peace and sustainability. The global terrorism was a plenary session in which 5 panellists took part and discussed different aspects of extremism, fundamentalism and how to overcome isolation and marginalisation. The inspiring business session was shared with author, Leontine van Hofft. Both the speakers emphasised the fact that the global business should be conducted for global good and it should be inclusive and value driven. Furthermore, it was emphasised that in business, peace and sustainability can be achieved through practicing the path of Ubuntu and inner peace.

A great networking opportunity, meeting people from different parts of the world.

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