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On Friday 10th March 2017, Shanti, Renu and Vijay Mehta attended a lecture given by Nobel Peace Laureate, Leymah Gbowee. The lecture was part of a conference hosted by PeaceJam UK. It was a distinguished gathering which included Joy Carter, Vice Chancellor of University of Winchester, Jane Rutter, Mayor of Winchester and many distinguished people from different organisations attended the lecture which was followed by a dinner.

In her address, Nobel Laureate alluded that this sense of our common humanity, at its deepest, flows from a mystical experience of ‘Oneness.’ This is why the growth in inner peace is a vital contribution to the peace of the world and why the roots of lasting peace are to be found in the great religious and spiritual traditions of the world. Nonviolence is nurtured by inner peace, unity and spiritual development will lead to universal peace.

To sense the oneness of the human family, the oneness of all life is the well spring of compassion and our commitment to human rights, peace building, non-violence, reverence for all life. Without such a starting point terrorism and wars cannot be contained.

Special thanks to Caroline Millman, Sally Milne and Luke Addison for organising an excellent lecture and the conference. It was a great networking opportunity.