World Peace Conference

Berlin 2011
Berlin, 20 – 27 August, 2011, the First International Peace Festival was launched successfully with a two days International Peace Conference in which leading representatives from politics, military, civil society and business paticipated and provided new momentum for peace building worldwide.

Organise the World – Potsdam Report

October 2011
Potsdam, 28th and 29th of October 2011, the symposium “Organise the World” was held in the honour of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Alfred Hermann Fried in which various sessions were held on his life, work and lasting impact on pacifism and peace promotion.

Uniting for Peace Annual General Meeting Report

October 2011
The 2011 Annual General Meeting of Uniting for Peace was held at Wesley’s Chapel, London on 16 April. Vijay Mehta, UfP Chair, opened the meeting by welcoming those present. He announced that UfP President, Lord Peter Archer, could not be present as he was  convalescing after an operation.

ACT UN AGM Report 2009

March 2009
The following is the events that took place on the ACT UN AGM. Please click the ‘Read More’ button to see the full minutes of the meeting that took place.

Report of the Annual Erskine Childers Lecture 2009

February 2009
Erskine Childer’s memory is revisited annually by Action for UN Renewal. Erskine was an UN diplomat and the son of the 4th President of Ireland in 1993. This lecture had a great turn-out of around 120 attendees. Our chairman Vijay Mehta was one of the speakers, with guest speakers Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire, welcome visit by Erskine Childer’s family, partner Marjolijn Snipe and son David Childers.

Time Running Out

March 2009
Thanks to Rita Payne and to the Commonwealth Journalists’ Association for inviting me to speak today on this important and timely topic on ‘Time Running Out: Transformation of the International Institutions in the 21st century.’ It is timely because of the meeting of the G20 world leaders in the UK, who like to assume the role of a self-appointed global institution.

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