ACT UN AGM Report 2009


Meeting chaired by Frank Jackson. Welcome.

Introduction – Vijay Mehta spoke on the state of the global economy, arms race, failed state, etc. The work of the UN remains ever more essential.

FJ obituary on Douglas Holdstock.
Spoke about the role in MEDACT; dedicated in the pursuit of peace; editor of Medicine, Conflict, and Survival; and was a dear friend and colleague.

VM obituary on Douglas Holdstock.
He was a visionary peace campaigner, medical background gave him an extra edge. VM spoke about his generosity and kindness & his assistance in publishing ‘The United Nations and Its Future in the 21st Century.’

VM and Carol Langdon said a few words on the obituary on Richard Crump.
He was passionate about campaigning against the use of cluster bombs and the war in Iraq; always tried to spread his message with placards and leaflets. An extended obituary has appeared in the peace line newsletter.

Apologies from Talyn Rahman, Bruce Kent, Rae Street, Donald Prentice, Rita Payne, Prue Wendt.

Re-election of committee members which are as follows:
Vijay Mehta chair, Prue Wendt, Ailsa Moore, and Rosemary Addington vice-chairs, Ananda Reeves secretary, Karl Miller Website organizer, Talyn Rahman campaigns officer, Donald Prentice Scotland representative, and Carol Langdon.

Abdul Muhib proposed to put forward a resolution to elect the 2009-10 committee members as a block vote. Fazel seconded it and it was passed unanimously.
Committee members remain the same except for the following changes:
– Rosemary Addington is the new vice-chair.
– Carol Langdon has stepped down from the position of treasurer and membership secretary, Abdul Muhib to become the new treasurer.

Chair’s report by VM
– VM spoke about the activities of the past year (refer to chair’s report, 2008-09); meeting in Scotland, Commonwealth Journalists Association meeting, etc. The full report is on the website and will be included in the next newsletter

Treasurer’s report by CL
Figures were at the end of 2008.
CL spoke about the state of the finances and membership list in detail – balance in account £2,391.
The biggest expenditure was room hire. Refer to the treasurer’s report.

VM spoke about the present treasurer (CL) and praised her for her hard work and dedication. As a thank you gesture, a present was given to Carol, on behalf of the committee members.

Discussion on a resolution to unite ACT-UN and WDC.
VM opens discussion and refers to the pros and cons of the merger. The discussion opened to the floor with contributions from CL, RA, and AM.
Frank Jackson talks about the WDC link with the UN and Disarmament.
Vote –yes (5); No (1); Abstentions (3); resolution carried forward. Because the majority of the members were not present it was decided to hold a postal ballot before further action can be taken on the merger.

End of AGM

Public Meeting, ACT-UN
Saturday 28th March 2009 (3.00 – 5.00 pm)
Chair’s welcome

Talk by Francois du Bois, (Associate Professor and Reader,
University of Nottingham). He spoke on the ‘South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission.’
full report to be put on the web and next newsletter.

Talk by Professor Klaus W Larres, (University of Ulster). He spoke on ‘Northern Ireland Peace Process.’
full report to be put on the web and next newsletter.

Talk by Hilde Rapp (co-director for International Peace Building). She spoke on ‘Inter-Faith Dialogue – ‘Cross Community Peace Building in Bosnia and Kosovo.’
full report to be put on the web and next newsletter.

Chair’s Endnote. Overall good AGM, inspiring speakers but poor attendance because of the G20 demonstration in London.

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