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It is with regret to note that Sir Alastair Burnet, journalist and broadcaster has passed away on 20th July, 2012. He was a brilliant journalist, Editor of The Economist, presenter of the News At 10 at ITN.

He was very kind to attend my book discussion of The Economics of Killing at Hilton Hotel London on 25th April, 2012. On reading my book, he responded, “The research that went into the book is very impressive as is the range of the argument. I find the argument you make in the book quite persuasive that a major cause of the crisis is the imbalance in the global economy between the US and China and then the connection you make between the US refusal to sell military and dual-use products to China and that trade imbalance. On the role of the media, I agree that there is less questioning of the rights and wrongs of war per se as opposed to the rights and wrongs of an attack on country x as opposed to country y. I accept we should probably give more airtime to the arguments of those who see war in itself as something that should no longer be employed in international relations.”