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At this important time in history when India needs more growth for poverty reduction, it is dangerously militarising itself which is a provocation for more violence and terrorism, Vijay Mehta along with many others are concerned that in a country with a history of nonviolent leadership, why are we embarking on a path of destruction instead of working for the interest of its citizens.

The shift in world military spending specially to the three big developing countries in Asia, India, Pakistan and China, is a beginning of a new cold war in the region. According to the report released by SIPRI March, 2012, India now is the world’s biggest weapons purchaser (10%) global arms imports along with 4 other countries all in Asia – South Korea (6% of total arms transfers), Pakistan (5%), China (5%) and Singapore (4%). The top leaders, elites and corporation for their profit and greed have plunged the Asian subcontinent into turmoil. This is one of the prime reasons for terrorism, violence, and extreme poverty in India and around.

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