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On 25th November 2013, UNA Gloucestershire County and Cheltenham Quakers hosted a book discussion about Vijay Mehta’s book “The Economics of Killing: How the West Fuels War and Poverty in the Developing World”

The event took place at Friends Meeting House Cheltenham, started at 7:30pm by Malcolm Evans, who welcomed the delegates and introduced Vijay to the audience. The meeting started with the showing the film, Change the World, inspired by the book followed by a 20 minute talk by Vijay. Response and comments on the book were given by Chris Dickenson from UNA Gloucestershire County and Alison Crane from Cheltenham  Quakers after which the floor was open for Q/A session. The Q/A session included discussion and comments, causes of wars and solutions, Military Industrial Complex and the inequalities between the nations.

The event was well organised by Alison, Chris and Malcolm Evans. Afterwards a networking session took place in which refreshments were served.

Read the full report here.