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On Saturday, 29th March, Uniting for Peace hosted its AGM and Spring Conference 2014, at Wesley’s Chapel, London.

It was a well attended conference with over 100 people and inspiring speakers.

Annual General Meeting took place in the morning session. The meeting started with a one minute silence with tributes to Rev. Dr. Kenneth Greet and Tony Benn. Both of them were longstanding great supporters of Uniting for Peace. The business session of the AGM started with reports by the Chair, Vijay Mehta, Treasurer, Abdul Muhib and Coordinator and Churches report by Brian Cooper. After that, the elections of the executive committee took place in which last year’s committee was elected again and new additions to the Uniting for Peace committee have been made where Prue Wendt was welcomed to become the new vice president, Leena Patel and Anthony Russell as new executive committee members. The AGM concluded with remarks by Vijay Mehta and Brian Cooper.

The spring conference, ‘A New Momentum for Peace: No Syria Intervention – What Next?’ started around 12 noon and was chaired by Rita Payne, President of Commonwealth Journalists Association. Very inspiring speeches were delivered by distinguished panellists which included Tim Llewellyn, Baria Alamuddin, Dilip Hiro, Thomas Daffern, Vijay Mehta, Brian Cooper, Anthony Russell and Leena Patel.

A vibrant Q/A session followed which included how to contain violence, the role of media, reforms of the United Nations, economy, food shortages, expansion of NATO, ethical UK foreign policy, crisis in Ukraine, solutions to Syria Conflict, reforms of the international systems and vision of a world without war.

Speakers offered solutions ranging to present geopolitical crisis and conflicts from practical to philosophical to spiritual nonviolent solutions. It was a great opportunity for networking with the fellow peace activists who were energised to take actions for a better world.

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