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On 23rd of January 2014, a book discussion event took place at the University of Westminister Department of Politics. The event started by Aidan Hehire lecturer International Relation of the University of Westminister, introducing Vijay Mehta.

In the first part of the program, the film ‘Change the World’ inspired by the book was shown. This was followed by a talk exploring the core themes of the book by the author Vijay Mehta. A vibrant Q/A session followed. It was a good networking session raising the awareness of working for a peaceful solution for the future of the world.

In the discussion, students were not convinced that non-violence is the answer and key to ending violence after repeated examples and events showing that non-violence works were given by Vijay. In the end, Vijay Mehta requested another opportunity to be given to him to put his case for creating a violence-free society.

Read the full lecture here.

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