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On September 4th, Vijay Mehta gave a talk at the book discussion hosted by London Region CND Council at Conway Hall, London. Dedicated peace activists working on Nuclear Disarmament for decades were there who in the question answer session challenged Vijay on how to bring peace in our society against the backdrop of militant tendencies of the government and ever increasing military spending in the world. there were discussions around trident replacement and its recent developments including the latest march at Aldermaston. The particular highlight of the evening was the Hiroshima event organised by LRCND which was attended by over 200 people including the mayor of Camden, Tony Benn, Bruce Kent etc.

Jack Wallis, media officer of uniting for peace accompanied Vijay to the talk and he was distributing Uniting for Peace literature and networking with the delegates. Jack’s impression on the meeting was it was a success and it was great to hear about exciting new projects discussed by LRCND and I was impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of the members. The Q/A session was particularly insightful with all of the members contributing their thoughts after Vijay’s inspiring speech.

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