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Zoom Webinar Speech to Black and White Community Ghana and Peace Factory Germany

Dear Friends of the Peace Factory, Wolfgang, Black and White Community in Germany and Ghana, welcome to the talk of today, titled, “From a Culture of War to a Culture of Peace” and what actions we can take to establish a safer and peaceful future for humanity.

What we are discussing today is how human beings can be peaceful and not coercive and violent, which very much depend on their social and cultural environment. We will be exploring root causes of all conflicts and not just symptoms and what actions can we take to develop a society which is culturally harmonious and peaceful. In my presentation today I will be exploring why culture of war and militarism is prevalent everywhere which we need urgently to replace by culture of peace.

I wrote a book in 2019, “How Not To Go To War”. My book explore two ideas a) establishing Departments and Ministries for Peace in every country and also b) Peace Centres in each and every city and town of the world. We will discuss both the ideas in today’s presentation.

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