Report: United Nations: 21st Century Global Challenges and Prospects for Peace

Uniting for Peace at the Green Party Conference

Birmingham, 22 – 24 October 2021



Uniting for Peace had an exhibition stand at the Green Party Conference in Birmingham and also hosted an event, jointly sponsored by Uniting for Peace and UNA Birmingham.


The event’s which happened on Friday 22nd October, was on “United Nations: 21st Century Global Challenges and Prospects for Peace” It was a physical event and a virtual event together. The distinguished speakers included:


Vijay Mehta, Author and Chair, Uniting for Peace

Molly Scott-Cato, Former Member of the European Parliament

Jo Berry, the Founder of Bridges for Peace

Ravi Kumar, Chair, UNA Birmingham


The event was chaired by Rita Payne, President Emeritus Commonwealth Journalists Association. The event was attended by the Green Party delegates, Members of UNA Birmingham and four of Uniting for Peace Committee members – Lilias Cheyne, Ravi Kumar, Jo Berry and Vijay Mehta.


Speakers emphasised the need for UN Reforms but agreed that we do need a world body to meet the challenges facing the world in the 21st Century. A vibrant discussion and Q/A session followed the event. It was a good event hosted by UNA Birmingham and Uniting for Peace and it is an encouragement to host events with other organisations.


The Green Party conference was packed with workshops, fringe meetings, and speeches by the newly elected leaders – Adrian Ramsay and Carla Denyer. Uniting for Peace exhibition stand was minded by Lilias Cheyne, Vijay and Shanti Mehta. We were all busy with Test Your Knowledge of Peace Questionnaire with the delegates who visited our stand and we collected a large number of names and addresses which are being added to our database. Our stand was visited by Baroness Jenny Jones, previous Green Party Leader Siân Berry, the present leaders, Adrian and Carla and many well known delegates. We were able to sell 5 books of How Not To Go To War of Vijay Mehta.

To read Vijay Mehta’s full speech, click here.

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